Wolfhound Guide

to adult education, evening classes and day courses in the greater Dublin area

Courses A-Z

The Wolfhound Guide is an A to Z of thousands of adult education courses and workshops in the greater Dublin area.

There are two primary types of course: new and traditional leisure & interest courses, and then the wide variety of career / job / professional related courses.

Evening and part-time day professional courses are an important element in upskilling, in getting qualified, in career development and in keeping in touch with new developments in the workplace.

Leisure and interest courses cover everything you could wish for from arts & crafts, holistic life style, history, meditation, yoga, health, fitness, the potentials of internet & email, to the rhythmic dance beats of ballroom, salsa and zumba.

Traditional and modern, academic and practical, geek-serious and simply-fun courses - are all waiting for you to choose one for yourself.